Wallop Your Foes with Buzzwole-GX!

If you're searching for a Pokémon TCG deck that's fun to play and packs some punch, look no further. The hard-hitting Buzzwole-GX leads the way in a deck that mixes one of the strongest attackers from the Sun & Moon—Crimson Invasion expansion with a variety of powerful cards from expansions past. Not only can this deck punch hard from the opening bell, but it also offers plenty of opportunities for creative plays. You'll need to show off your brains to make the most of Buzzwole-GX's brawn in this exciting deck.

Two players who made the Top Cut in the recent Europe International Championships demonstrated the strength of this deck. Their success in that hotly contested event, which featured top players from around the world, leaves little doubt about this deck's potency. Let's take a look at what Buzzwole-GX and its supporting troupe of other Fighting-type Pokémon can do.

  • Buzzwole-GX
  • 4
    sm4 57
  • 2
    sm2 74
  • 2
    sm2 73
  • 2
    xy8 33
  • 2
    xy8 32
  • 1
    xy10 54
  • 1
    xyp XY152
  • 1
    Tapu Lele-GX
    sm2 60
  • 1
    xy10 43
Energy Cards
  • 9
    Fighting Energy
    nrg1 31
  • 4
    Strong Energy
    xy10 115
Trainer Cards
  • 4
    Professor Sycamore
    xy9 107
  • 4
    xy10 105
  • 4
    sm3 115
  • 3
    Brooklet Hill
    sm2 120
  • 4
    Ultra Ball
    sm1 135
  • 4
    Max Elixir
    xy9 102
  • 3
    Choice Band
    sm2 121
  • 3
    Float Stone
    xy8 137
  • 1
    Rescue Stretcher
    sm2 130
  • 1
    Field Blower
    sm2 125
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Fighting-Type Pokémon Perks

This deck's heavy emphasis on Fighting-type Pokémon enables several unique tricks that make it particularly fun to play.

Buzzwole-GX is this deck's main attacker, of course, and its Jet Punch attack may remind you of another successful member of past Fighting-type decks. Jet Punch lets you pressure both the opponent's Active Pokémon and one of their Benched Pokémon by doing 30 damage for only a single Fighting Energy. Plus, its Absorption-GX can be the one of the most damaging attacks in the game—it's sure to show that Buzzwole-GX can lift even the stoutest Pokémon straight into the discard pile.

Lycanroc-GX continues the fun with its Bloodthirsty Eyes, an Ability that lets you switch one of your opponent's Benched Pokémon into the Active spot. Tactically evolving your Rockruff will help you catch easy prey in Lycanroc-GX's sights and set up a Knock Out for Buzzwole-GX or Zygarde-EX without playing a Supporter card.

The Brooklet Hill Stadium card allows you to search your deck for a Basic Water- or Fighting-type Pokémon and put it onto your Bench each turn. Almost every Pokémon in the deck can take advantage of this—only the Psychic-type Tapu Lele-GX and the Stage 1 Pokémon Lycanroc-GX and Octillery miss out.

Score Quick Hits

This deck thrives on fast offense and taking early Prize cards using Basic Pokémon, so Max Elixir is a perfect fit. However, the deck only includes nine basic Fighting Energy, so try to avoid discarding too many while you still have Max Elixirs left in the deck to maximize your odds of success.

This deck offers three primary ways to increase your damage, and taking advantage of each is key to keep up the pressure. Each Strong Energy attached to one of your Fighting-type Pokémon adds 20 damage; putting Regirock-EX on your Bench will cause your Fighting-type Pokémon to do an extra 10 damage; and Choice Band lets you do 30 more damage to Pokémon-EX and Pokémon-GX.

One of the most fun and challenging parts of this deck is combining those cards so their bonuses deal just enough damage to pick up Knock Outs. For instance, you can Knock Out 60-HP Pokémon like Ralts and Froakie as soon as you can attack. Buzzwole-GX can do 60 damage for a single Energy if it has a Strong Energy attached and Regirock-EX is on the Bench, and Zygarde-EX can do the same with a Strong Energy and a Stadium card in play.

Octillery's Abyssal Hand Ability is a perfect fit for this aggressive deck. You'll often take several Prize cards early in the game, which can make N a bit of a buzzkill. Abyssal Hand offers great protection from N, and it's a great way to keep cards flowing into your hand while you go after your opponent's Bench with Guzma, too. You can read more about Octillery here.

Gameplay Tips

  • The first turns of the match will play out a little differently with this deck when compared to most of the other popular decks in the Standard format. The deck doesn't play Brigette—it uses Brooklet Hill to fill up the Bench instead. You'll need to work at this for the first few turns, so be thoughtful about which Pokémon you need to prioritize. Focus on getting Buzzwole-GX or Zygarde-EX into the Active spot, then consider whether you need Remoraid, Rockruff, Regirock-EX, or a second attacker.

  • Buzzwole-GX's Absorption-GX attack dishes out damage based on how many Prize cards you have remaining, so you'll ideally want to use it early in matches. Be careful, though: Buzzwole-GX's Knuckle Impact prevents it from attacking the next turn, so you may want to save Absorption-GX for a situation where you need to dish out big hits in consecutive turns instead.

  • One of this deck's strengths is that it has six cards that allow you to switch one of your opponent's Benched Pokémon into the Active spot—four Guzma and two Lycanroc-GX. You should use these cards to Knock Out low-HP Pokémon and disrupt your opponent's attempts to power up attackers. You can even try to strand a Pokémon with a high Retreat Cost as the Active Pokémon while Jet Punch weakens your foes.

  • Remember that your Pokémon have high Retreat Costs, too, and that Buzzwole-GX can't use Knuckle Impact on consecutive turns without a quick trip to the Bench. Play your Guzma and three Float Stones wisely to avoid leaving yourself unable to attack.

  • It's easy to just focus on Buzzwole-GX every game, but don't forget about your other attackers. They don't share Buzzwole-GX's Weakness to Psychic, so lean on them harder against Pokémon of that type. Lycanroc-GX's Dangerous Rogue-GX is an efficient way to take down some troublesome foes, and Zygarde-EX can be a hero if you're able to set up a quick Knock Out on Zoroark-GX using a Strong Energy and a Choice Band. Don't forget Zygarde 50%—it might not be as flashy as your other Pokémon, but it can be a key contributor against Pokémon like Alolan Ninetales that are protected from Pokémon-EX and Pokémon-GX.

Get out there and crush your foes with Buzzwole-GX! If you're looking for another spin on this deck, try combining it with different Pokémon such as Garbodor, Zoroark-GX, or Silvally-GX. You might find the next great version of this deck by mixing it up a little. And don't forget to check back at Pokemon.com/Strategy for more Pokémon TCG and video game strategy and tournament coverage.

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