Using and Earning BP in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk

February 01, 2024

Using and Earning BP in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk

Customize your clubroom, meet with your favorite Trainers, and more by using Blueberry Points in the DLC for the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet games.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk introduces a new area, returning Pokémon, and even more story to your Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet adventures. There are also a variety of new features that you can only take advantage of while in the Terarium. If you’re looking to snag another Friend Ball to match your next Shiny Pokémon, catch up on Iono’s streaming career, or add some special effects to your photos, you’ll be able to do it all at Blueberry Academy. There’s one catch: you’ll need to use a new currency exclusive to the DLC to make it all happen. Worry not, though—we’re here to give you the complete lowdown!

What are Blueberry Points?

Blueberry Points (BP) are a currency used exclusively at Blueberry Academy and can only be earned by completing Blueberry Quests—or BBQs for short. These BBQs feature all kinds of tasks, from taking photos of Pokémon to making a spicy sandwich. You can use BP in places such as the school store or cafeteria for key items or Meal Powers, but that’s not all. After joining the League Club, you’ll also be able to use BP to add features to the clubroom and invite familiar faces to the academy as special coaches.

How to Earn Blueberry Points

BP is largely earned through the completion of BBQs both big and small. Completing BBQs will net you around 20–40 BP, and the bonus quests that are earned after completing 10 BBQs will award you 100–150 BP each. Bonus quests can take a little more effort—usually requiring that you make a sandwich, battle a Terastallized Pokémon, or win a Tera Raid Battle—but the reward is certainly worth it.

If you want to earn even more BP while completing BBQs, you can also defeat Trainers in the Terarium or receive BP from the Trainers located at the rest stops in each biome. This isn’t quite as speedy, but it’s a fun way to mix things up in your pursuit for BP.

Where to use Blueberry Points

Art Club

The League Club will be your base of operations during your stay at the Blueberry Academy, and you’ll be able to customize and adjust your surroundings by contributing BP to the Art Club. You can unlock the Fancy, Dark, Classic, Futuristic, Natural, Monochrome, and Gorgeous styles for your clubroom using BP—if you feel like changing it up, you can always use more BP to switch to another style.

Baseball Club

Completing the Blueberry Pokédex requires that you catch tons of Pokémon in the Terarium—so why not do it in style? Contribute BP to the Baseball Club and learn new throwing styles, from left-handed throwing to Poké Ball tosses that are reminiscent of a certain Galar Champion.

Item Printer

If you’re looking for rare items, look no further than the League Club Room. Once you contribute enough BP to the Science Club and speak to Reese, you can install the Item Printer in your clubroom and begin exchanging Pokémon materials and BP for random items such as held items, treasures, Tera Shards, Ability Patches, and Gold Bottle Caps. The Item Printer can be upgraded by completing more printing jobs and giving Reese additional BP. With each upgrade, the Item Printer’s appearance will change, from looking like a Poké Ball to a Great Ball to an Ultra Ball and eventually a Master Ball. Note that the Item Printer can only receive its final upgrade after you’ve completed the story of The Indigo Disk.

When the Item Printer is upgraded to look like a Great Ball, it’ll also receive a 2× Item Bonus function, which gives you a chance to get double the items. After upgrading the Item Printer to look like an Ultra Ball, it’ll receive a Poké Ball Lotto function, which could give you a shot at printing rare Poké Balls—including Master Balls!

Music Club

The ambience adjustments don’t end there! You’ll also be able to install a smart speaker for the clubroom and choose which tunes to play. The tracks you can add to your smart speaker highlight numerous areas from throughout your journey. Once a new album becomes available, you’ll be able to switch between songs at your whim. After you start out with the Academy Life album, you can then use BP to unlock these additional albums:

  • Famous Destinations

  • Kitakami

  • Outdoor Adventure

  • Special Songs

  • Town Tunes

Photography Club

Photography is a key part of your Blueberry Academy experience, as taking pictures of Pokémon is often required to complete BBQs to earn BP. To spice things up, you can contribute BP to the Photography Club to earn the following new photo effects, introduced in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk.

  • Buzzy Buzz

  • Draco Meteor

  • Dreamy

  • Fireworks

  • Focus Lines

  • Heaps of Hearts

  • Iono Zone

  • Keepsake

  • Pikachu Party

  • Pokédex

  • Sizzly Slide

  • Terastallized

Special Coaches

You may be far away from Paldea, but you’ll still be able to see some of your favorite Trainers again by inviting them to Blueberry Academy as special coaches. For the cost of 200 BP, you can strike up a conversation with special coaches like Iono and see how they interact with other special coaches you’ve invited to Blueberry Academy—we’ve heard that Grusha used to be an Iono fan, but he’s feeling a little chilly these days.

After you talk with special coaches a few times, they’ll offer to trade Pokémon with you. The Pokémon they trade you will have a Ribbon appearing for the first time in the DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet: the Partner Ribbon. If you have a Pokémon wear this Ribbon, it will be bestowed with a title containing the name of its original Trainer that will display when the Pokémon is sent into battle.

Terarium Club

The Terarium Club is always on the lookout for new Pokémon, and contributing BP will greatly aid their research. These contributions are 3,000 BP each—12,000 BP for all four biomes in the Terarium—and will allow you to encounter additional wild Pokémon in each biome. These aren’t just any Pokémon, though—they’re first partner Pokémon from throughout the Pokémon video game series. And if catching familiar favorites like Piplup or Rowlet somehow isn’t reason enough to contribute BP to the Terarium Club, evolving first partner Pokémon such as Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, and Froakie is essential to completing your Blueberry Pokédex.

How to Quickly Earn BP with Friends

The fastest and easiest way to earn BP is undoubtedly through playing with friends in multiplayer through the Union Circle. Trainers who form a Union Circle will continue to receive BBQs as normal, but these BBQs will all be part of a shared pool. For example, between three players in a Union Circle group, there will be always at least nine BBQs to work toward.

Trainers can also complete each other’s BBQs, greatly speeding up the BP-earning process. Once enough BBQs have been completed, a Union Circle party will be assigned a group quest—a difficult task that requires collaboration but rewards a significant amount of BP. These group quests include finding a mystery Pokémon, searching out Ditto blocks, and more.

If you want to complete BBQs quickly and earn as many group quests as possible, it’s best to spread out and have each player in a Union Circle occupy a different biome of the Terarium. Numerous BBQs require Trainers to complete an action in a specific biome, so if everyone is spread out, there will always be someone to take on a given task. You’ll also want to ensure that you have plenty of sandwich ingredients and Pokémon Eggs available to quickly handle related tasks.

With the maximum number of four players, you’ll be earning plenty of BP to improve your clubroom, meet your favorite Trainers, and exchange materials for print jobs at the Item Printer. Enjoy earning BP, Trainers!

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