Quickly and Easily Level Up Your Pokémon Masters Sync Pairs

Battles in Pokémon Masters are super fun, and they can be super challenging, too. You'll need to give your sync pairs some special training to take down the most powerful opponents on Pasio. It's crucial to develop your sync pairs by increasing their level and teaching them new moves and passive skills. Fortunately, you can power up your sync pairs in a hurry by taking on the right training regimen.

Most means of building your sync pairs occur in the Team menu, which you can reach by selecting the Team button on the bottom of the Pokémon Center screen or by talking to Trinnia there. From this menu, you'll be able to enhance your sync pairs in several useful ways. We'll focus primarily on three of them: Level Up, Moves & Skills, Unlock Level Cap. You'll need to progress a few chapters into the main story to access some of these features, so don't worry if you've just installed the game and don't see them yet.

Selecting Your First Sync Pairs

You'll eventually be able to level up as many sync pairs as you're willing to invest time into developing, but you'll have an easier time early on if you focus on making a handful of sync pairs powerful enough to easily acquire more items first.

If you've scouted any 5★ sync pairs—especially those with the strike role, like Olivia & Lycanroc, Brendan & Treecko, or Blue & Pidgeot—they're a great place to start. If you haven't, many players opt to develop Barry & Piplup because their Bubble attack damages each foe. They will join your team very early in the main story. Hau & Alolan Raichu can fill a similar role when they join up later in the story. For important encounters, such as those against the Trainers featured in courses, you may also want to identify strike sync pairs that have a type advantage.

In addition to your main attackers, it's also important to develop a support sync pair. Not only will the skills of most support sync pairs make your strike sync pairs more effective—they'll also help draw in attacks from opposing Trainers in the main story. Opposing Pokémon will often target your sturdiest Pokémon first, so the naturally high defensive stats of most support sync pairs are crucial. Rosa & Snivy are an amazing support sync pair you'll receive almost immediately in the main story, and the Main Character & Torchic are a great alternative later on.

Teach Your Sync Pairs New Attacks and Passive Skills

The flashiest way of improving the power of your sync pairs is by teaching them new moves and passive skills. Each sync pair starts with two moves, but you can teach them two more, and each sync pair will also be able to learn at least one passive skill. The first new move only costs a few of the basic Training Machines, while passive skills and the final move will typically require Ultra Buff Blends, Ultra Tech Tonics, or Ultra Aid Ades—or Super Training Machines and other rarer materials.

The requirements to unlock moves and skills are pretty modest, so it's relatively easy to power up new sync pairs once you've progressed in the main story.

Earning Training Machines, Buff Blends, Tech Tonics, and Aid Ades

The Training Area section of the single-player Explore menu will be your destination for most of your item needs. Strike, tech, and support courses are a great means of acquiring mass quantities of most items, while the more challenging strike, tech, and support supercourses offer a more expedient means of getting items a few times each week.

Strike, tech, and support courses have five difficulties: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Super Hard, and Ultra Hard. Completing one difficulty will unlock the next. You'll need to make it to Very Hard to start collecting the Ultra-level items necessary to unlock passive skills and final skills for your sync pairs, and all the way to Ultra Hard to collect items to fully unlock your sync pairs' level caps. Work toward making a team that can beat each of the Ultra Hard Courses reliably, and then to save yourself effort, work toward getting a team so strong that it can beat the courses even on Auto Mode.

Supercourses only have the first three difficulty levels, but you'll find they're much more difficult than a standard course of the same difficulty. They also provide better rewards—not only will you get more items for completing a supercourse than a standard course, but your rewards will be a tier up, too. You're permitted to complete each difficulty of supercourse only once during each window it's available, so don't miss out!

One bonus tip: Don't forget to do supercourses on Saturdays! While there are normally only two supercourses available at a time, all five are available on Saturday, providing an opportunity to collect items you won't want to miss.

Leveling Up Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters

The most direct way to increase the power of a sync pair is by increasing its level. A sync pair won't learn new moves by leveling up (like Pokémon do in Pokémon RPGs), but the stat increases they gain each time they level up are crucial. Participating sync pairs gain XP each time you clear a battle, but a faster way to increase your sync pair's level is by using items.

Similar to the other items, there are items awarded by courses and supercourses that increase your sync pairs' XP. Many level-up courses and events, as well as Hard and Very Hard level-up supercourses, reward the incredible 3★ Level-Up Manual, which increases a sync pair's XP by a whopping 5,000. Since you'll eventually be able to get these items pretty easily, it's important not to be stingy with your level-up manuals early in the game. Instead, use them to level up your units so that you can earn more items more easily.

Unlocking Sync Pair Level Caps

Your sync pairs will quickly reach their level caps if you diligently complete level-up courses, but there's still a long way to go. To further level up your sync pairs, you'll need to unlock their level caps by spending items.

You'll largely need to use the same items to unlock your sync pairs' level caps as you do to teach them moves and skills. Once 5★ sync pairs have their level caps fully unlocked, they can make it all the way to Lv. 120, and being such a high level is a huge boon in the most difficult battles. Keep hitting those strike, tech, support, and level-up courses!

Acquiring Gym Leader Notes and Elite Four Notes

Additional items are needed to fully unlock your sync pairs' level caps. You'll need several Gym Leader Notes for the second-to-last level-cap unlock, and both Gym Leader Notes and Elite Four Notes for the final level-cap unlock. These rare items are easiest to acquire during special events, but they're always available if you're willing to put in some time.

The easiest way to get Gym Leader Notes is by completing strike, tech, and support supercourses on Very Hard whenever they're available. You'll always get Gym Leader Notes for completing these battles. Both Gym Leader Notes and Elite Four Notes may drop from Super Hard courses, but they're very rare.

Evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Masters

Evolving Pokémon won't provide the same degree of stat increases in Pokémon Masters as it does in the Pokémon RPGs, but Pokémon will still need to reach their final forms to reach their maximum power. You'll even need the Pokémon in some sync pairs to evolve fully before the duo can use their most powerful sync move.

There are three steps to evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Masters. First, your Pokémon will need to reach a minimum level. This minimum level is often Lv. 30 for Pokémon seeking to undergo their first Evolution. Then, you'll need special items, which you can purchase at the Exchange Items section of the shop (or attain in other, limited ways). You can then access a special battle under Sync Pair Stories, and if you win, your Pokémon will evolve.

The items necessary for Evolution are very expensive, so make sure to keep up with your coin supercourses!

Parting Thoughts

There's a lot to learn about sync pairs, but you'll quickly get the hang of making your team stronger and stronger. There are a few other means of empowering your sync pairs to keep in mind:

  • Once you can defeat Very Hard and Super Hard co-op battles, you'll be able to make your team even more powerful by collecting gear. Gear—and the items you need to power it up—will all drop from Very Hard and Super Hard main story co-op battles, as well as from co-op EX challenges. You can increase the level of gear by using duplicate copies of the same gear, so don't exchange extras until you have one at the maximum level!

  • You can increase the potential of your sync pairs by using certain items. You can most readily get these items by scouting many copies of the same sync pair, but they may sometimes be available through other means, such as from the Exchange Items menu during an event.

  • Don't forget that you can also increase the power of a sync pair's sync moves if you scout the same sync pair multiple times.

  • It isn't technically a means of powering up your sync pair itself, but don't forget to buy the extensions to your move gauge from the shop! The first upgrade will cost 10,000 coins and the second will cost 100,000, but both upgrades give such a massive increase to your combat effectiveness that you should probably buy them before anything else.

Enjoy your battles in Pokémon Masters, Trainers! Have fun, and check back soon to Pokemon.com/Strategy for more tips about Pokémon Masters and other Pokémon video games.

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