Mega Mewtwo-EX Brings Endless Power!

The release of the Pokémon TCG: XY—BREAKthrough expansion has introduced many powerful cards to the Pokémon TCG, so Trainers have more strategies and combinations to discover. Let's take a look at a deck that focuses on one of the most intriguing cards from the expansion, Mega Mewtwo-EX.

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The strategy for Mega Mewtwo-EX is fairly straightforward: charge it up with a bunch of Energy to make its Psychic Infinity attack do incredible amounts of damage. The more Energy that's attached to it and to your opponent's Active Pokémon, the more damage Mega Mewtwo-EX does. That means Double Colorless Energy is one of the best cards to use with Mega Mewtwo-EX. It provides two Energy at once, and Psychic Infinity doesn't require any specific Energy type. With just one Double Colorless Energy, Psychic Infinity will hit for 70 damage even if your opponent's Active Pokémon has no Energy attached.

That might not seem as intimidating as other attacks we're familiar with from powerful Pokémon-EX—70 damage for two Energy is good, but it's not great. However, the damage adds up very quickly when your opponent's Active Pokémon has Energy attached. With three total Energy between both Active Pokémon, Psychic Infinity hits for 100 damage. That's enough to take down most Pokémon-EX in two attacks, and many other Pokémon can't take a hit like that and stay in the game. With six total Energy between both Active Pokémon, Psychic Infinity does a whopping 190 damage. As its name implies, there's not much of a limit to how much damage Psychic Infinity can do.

As you can see in our sample deck, Bronzong can be used as a sidekick for Mega Mewtwo-EX. Bronzong's Metal Links Ability can attach Metal Energy from the discard pile, powering up Mega Mewtwo-EX fast while it's on your Bench. This strategy is similar to the classic combination of Eelektrik and Mewtwo-EX, a deck that won the Senior Division in the 2012 World Championships. Instead of Eelektrik's Dynamotor charging up Mewtwo-EX's X Ball attack, Bronzong's Metal Links is powering up Mega Mewtwo-EX's Psychic Infinity attack—and as powerful as X Ball was, Psychic Infinity is even stronger.


Mega Mewtwo-EX is a Mega Evolution Pokémon, so it can be challenging to get it out and attack with it quickly. Ultra Ball is a useful Trainer card, especially since it can find Hoopa-EX. Hoopa-EX's Scoundrel Ring Ability allows you to search for 3 Pokémon-EX, so you can search for a few Mewtwo-EX and Mega Mewtwo-EX to get things started. The next step is to find Mewtwo Spirit Link so your turn doesn't end when you put Mega Mewtwo-EX into play. Shaymin-EX's Set Up Ability can help with that by drawing lots of cards, and Trainers' Mail can dig into the top of your deck to find it. If you can find Mewtwo-EX, Mega Mewtwo-EX, and Mewtwo Spirit Link right away, plus a Double Colorless Energy, it's possible to use Psychic Infinity as your very first attack.

As powerful as Mega Mewtwo-EX is, it's not always the right Pokémon for the situation. Night March decks can be problematic because the Psychic-type Pumpkaboo can hit Mega Mewtwo-EX's Weakness. However, Night March decks rely heavily on Double Colorless Energy, so Aegislash-EX is a great way to deal with them. Its Mighty Shield Ability prevents all damage done to it by any Pokémon that has Special Energy attached, and that can really shut down a Night March deck.

Another threat to Mega Mewtwo-EX is Regice, whose Resistance Blizzard attack can stop Mega Mewtwo-EX from damaging it altogether. Heatran can be used to take care of that problem. Since Regice is weak to Metal-type Pokémon, Heatran's Steel Drop attack can take it down in one hit if there's a Stadium card in play. There's a variety of ways to shut down Pokémon-EX, so it's never a bad idea to have a non-EX Pokémon in your deck, and Heatran fits perfectly here.

One more problematic Pokémon for Mega Mewtwo-EX is Giratina-EX. This popular Pokémon has the pesky Ability Renegade Pulse, which prevents all damage done to it by Mega Evolution Pokémon. On top of that, the Chaos Wheel attack shuts down Stadium cards, Pokémon Tools, and Special Energy, meaning you can't play those important Mewtwo Spirit Link and Double Colorless Energy cards. If you find yourself facing Giratina-EX, Hex Maniac can shut down its Renegade Pulse Ability, allowing Mega Mewtwo-EX to do damage and take it down. If another Giratina-EX comes into play, VS Seeker can bring back Hex Maniac for another round.

Stadium cards are becoming increasingly important in the Pokémon TCG, so it's always a good idea to consider which ones work best with your deck's strategy. For the Mega Mewtwo-EX deck, you have a couple of options. Space on the Bench can be an issue, because Hoopa-EX, Shaymin-EX, Bronzong, and Mega Mewtwo-EX are all critical for this deck's success, and with just 5 spots, the Bench gets crowded quickly. Sky Field is a great solution, bumping up the maximum Bench size to 8 so you can take advantage of all of these great Pokémon. Alternatively, Parallel City shrinks one player's Bench to 3 spots, which can change the game drastically. For example, you can use this effect on your own side to discard a Shaymin-EX, preventing your opponent from using Lysandre on it and taking two Prize cards. You could also use it against an opponent to limit the damage Mega Rayquaza-EX can do with its Emerald Break attack.

There are all sorts of new cards to explore in the Pokémon TCG: XY—BREAKthrough expansion. Mega Mewtwo-EX is one of the most promising ones, but what other strategies are out there waiting to be discovered? Stay tuned to to learn more about the latest Pokémon TCG news and tips!

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