Aegislash (and Friends) Cut In!

The initial wave of the first Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack DLC has arrived, and with it comes a brand-new competitor for your lineup, Aegislash. This new Battle Pokémon has a relatively low 510 HP, so play it defensively at first until you get comfortable with its moves. As a technical style Pokémon, Aegislash is tricky to use, but keep practicing. Once you master it, you'll find that it's a competitive fighter.

Aegislash's most distinct feature is its ability to switch between two different battle stances. Its Shield Forme and Blade Forme have separate move sets, and effectively switching between the two mid-battle is essential to victory. Be aware that although Aegislash is not a slow-moving Pokémon, the transition between its two forms does take a few precious seconds, leaving it vulnerable to attack. Luckily, multiple moves can be chained using Form Change, allowing you to pull off an attack that ends with Aegislash in its other form.

For example, while in Blade Forme, Aegislash performs its Iron Head attack by pressing forward + A. It's a strong move with good range, and by holding the block button (R) as the attack is being performed, Aegislash will chain into its Shield Forme automatically when the move animation is complete. This sets you up to pull off the powerful Flash Cannon attack, which is initiated with the same forward + A button combination (but only when in Shield Forme, of course). It's a great one-two punch that allows Aegislash to Form Change while your opponent is still reeling from the Iron Head attack, setting you up for another big hit.

If you're going up against Aegislash, look out for attempts at a non-chained Form Change to land a few free hits. Aegislash makes use of a lot of close range slashing attacks, but it does have a stable of rushing attacks that allows it to close the gap between characters in a seeming instant. Try to keep a fair amount of distance between you and Aegislash and attack it at long range.

Giving it a wide berth is especially important because of Aegislash's Synergy Burst attack. It's extremely powerful, will remove a huge chunk of your HP, and it's quite easy to get caught up in it. When it's initiated, Aegislash will perform a sweeping 360° attack. If you happen to be anywhere near Aegislash, you're bound to get swept up in the fury. Getting caught in that triggers the second stage of the Synergy Burst attack, knocking off even more of your health.

New Support Pokémon: Mega Rayquaza & Mimikyu

Aegislash isn't the only new Pokémon to ride in on the first wave of the Battle Pack DLC. There are two new Support Pokémon as well—the mighty Mega Rayquaza and the creepy-cute Mimikyu. This pair of characters provide valuable backup during a battle by distracting and damaging your foe, giving you the opportunity to set up your next attack.

Mega Rayquaza's Dragon Ascent attack takes a relatively long time to charge, but it's worth it when it triggers. Not only is this attack incredibly fast and able to hit your opponent from a good distance away, but it's quite powerful, too. In fact, it's so damaging that it can only be performed once per round.

Mimikyu may not be as tough as Mega Rayquaza, but its disruptive Play Rough attack shouldn't be ignored. It has an average charge time, so you'll be able to get Mimikyu into the action faster than Mega Rayquaza. Play Rough attacks nearby opponents, meaning that you'll have to be close to your foe before calling in Mimikyu. The move also has negative status effects on your foe, lowering its Attack and Synergy Burst strength. This makes it worth holding on to Mimikyu's support until your opponent prepares its Synergy Burst.

With the addition of just one new Battle Pokémon and a pair of new Support Pokémon, the dynamics of combat in Pokkén Tournament DX has been greatly affected. The Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack DLC is available to purchase now. And remember, a second wave will be arriving on March 23, 2018, when the roster expands to include the Battle Pokémon Blastoise and the Support Pokémon Mew and Celebi.

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