Pokémon Puzzle League

Pokémon fans can experience the fast-paced fun of Pokémon Puzzle League all over again on the Wii console via the Virtual Console service. The puzzle game was made available in May 2008.

Looking for a change of pace from regular Pokémon games? Pokémon Puzzle League is the biggest departure for Pokémon yet. Pokémon Puzzle League is a block game where your goal is to flip colored squares to create rows of three or more. Pokémon Puzzle League is easy to pick up and play right away-as you get better, you'll discover many winning concepts. While there are plenty of strategies to learn, you'll still need lightning-fast fingers and a keen eye to succeed. If you're wondering how to improve your game, check out the in-game Pokémon Puzzle University to get helpful hints.

Play as one of a number of characters from the Pokémon games (including Ash, Professor Oak, or a member of Team Rocket) and then pick three Pokémon that will shout their names in encouragement during your game. Pokémon Puzzle League lets you go head to head against an opponent, too.

For a real challenge, try 3-D Mode, where the blocks fall along a cylindrical shape. You can see only the front side of the cylinder, so while you're knocking out blocks in front of you, the back of the board might be filling up!

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    Head-to-head 3-D contests? It doesn't get better than this!
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    Check out all the places you can visit and play!
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    String together big moves and knock your opponent out!
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    You won this time, but who knows what will happen in the next round!
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    With those shades on, Pikachu has never looked cooler.
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