Pokémon Dash

Marking the Pokémon series's glorious debut on the Nintendo DS™ system, Pokémon Dash lets you race as everyone's favorite Pokémon, Pikachu, around awesome lands. Using the stylus to control your favorite Pokémon, zip across land and sea—even through the air—on a mad dash for the finish line. During the race, look for power-ups, hot spots, and friendly Pokémon willing to aid you on your way.

Up to six players can participate at a time via the Nintendo DS system's local wireless functionality. Hook up with other Trainers and let the fast-paced fun begin. You'll have to be quick and cunning to win, so study the courses and look for shortcuts to help you along.

Pokémon gamers with any of the Game Boy Advance versions can insert their game pack into the Game Boy Advance slot on their DS to unlock courses and other special extras. Pop in your favorite compatible Pokémon game and see what happens! With Pokémon Dash for Nintendo DS, the fast-paced excitement never stops!

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