Hey You, Pikachu!

Shipped with a unique microphone attachment, Hey You, Pikachu! pushed the boundaries for both the Nintendo 64 system and the Pokémon franchise.

Hey You, Pikachu! introduces microphone-based controls that let you tell Pikachu where to go and what to do. Not so much a game as an experience, Hey You, Pikachu! is like having a pet Pokémon that will listen to and obey your commands.

Your goal is to keep Pikachu entertained by giving the cute Pokémon toys to play with and instructions on where to explore. The happier Pikachu becomes, the more places you can go and the more things you have to play with. Don't worry; keeping the upbeat Pikachu happy has never been too difficult, making Hey You, Pikachu! an easy way to have interactive fun.

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    Use the microphone to interact with Pikachu!
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