Diamond & Pearl—Secret Wonders
Diamond & Pearl—Secret Wonders

Diamond & Pearl—Secret Wonders

Discover new Pokémon in Diamond & Pearl—Secret Wonders and unlock a new horizon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Never-before-seen Pokémon, new attacks, and cutting-edge Trainer cards will have you on the edge of your seat!

Legendary Pokémon
Catch up with the legendary trio of Entei (4/132), Raikou (16/132), and Suicune (19/132)! Each of them has special abilities that give you an advantage in battle… whether it's Entei as it does damage, Raikou when a Lightning Energy is attached to it, or Suicune that recovers your Water-type Pokémon from your discard pile. Which one will fit best in your new strategies?

No-Cost Attacks
Here's an excellent variety of attacks that don't need any Energy to use. Smeargle (66/132) can search your deck for 3 basic Energy cards for free while Banette (23/132) can damage the Defending Pokémon, putting equal amounts of damage counters on both. There are many Pokémon in Secret Wonders that take advantage of these attacks, allowing you to save your Energy for the Pokémon that need it more!

Wondrous Items

This expansion introduces "items" for the first time. Items are part of the Pokémon's card, giving that Pokémon a unique distinction. Murkrow's (95/132) Dusk Stone allows it to immediately evolve into Honchkrow (132/132) during any of your turns—including the very first turn of the game! So, what other Pokémon have items? Find out in booster packs of Secret Wonders!

Look for booster packs of Diamond & Pearl—Secret Wonders as well as the new Lavaflow and Powerhouse theme decks at your local store today!

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