Pokémon TCG: Let’s Play, Pikachu! and Let’s Play, Eevee! Theme Decks

Launch: May 03, 2019

Join forces with Pikachu or Eevee to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game! This ready-to-play deck includes everything you need to pick up the basics of the game, from the very first card you draw to the last Prize card you take! Each deck lets you evolve your star to boost your team's power and includes plenty of friends to fill up your Bench. A variety of useful Trainer cards helps round out your strategy. Get on the path to fun and victory in the Pokémon TCG with the Let's Play, Pikachu! and Let's Play, Eevee! theme decks!

In each box you'll find:

  • 60 Pokémon card deck, including 4 foil cards

  • 1 rules insert to teach you the basics of the game

  • 1 metallic coin

  • 2-player playmat and poster

  • 1 code card to play this deck in the Pokémon TCG Online

  • 1 deck box

  • Damage counters

The Pokémon TCG: Let's Play, Pikachu! and Let's Play, Eevee! Theme Decks are available in the Pokémon Center and where Pokémon TCG products are sold.

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