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Pokémon TCG Online Tournaments

Pokémon TCG Online tournaments

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online tournaments allow players to compete in exciting 8-person, single-elimination tournaments for cool rewards. You can play using a variety of deck formats, giving you the opportunity to compete however you'd like. Everyone who competes in a tournament will earn rewards, no matter where he or she finished in the tournament!

Compete Anywhere, Anytime!

Players can access tournaments directly from within the Pokémon TCG Online application. Both the desktop app and iPad app support tournaments, so as long as you have an Internet connection, you can start competing wherever you are and whenever you're ready.

Rather than beginning at a specific date and time, a tournament starts as soon as 8 people are signed up to play. A new queue (waiting list) begins as soon as the previous tournament gets under way. This means new tournaments are always starting, so you can start playing in new events whenever you want!

Win Cool Rewards!

Each tournament has one of two entry requirements: Trainer Tokens or Tournament Tickets. The entry requirement determines the type of rewards available, though all participants receive Trainer Tokens regardless of the entry requirement. Trainer Token tournaments reward top finishers with Tournament Tickets.

Tournaments that require Tournament Tickets for entry reward top finishers with in-game digital items such as booster packs, promo cards, and gameplay accessories. Rewards vary by event, so check the tournament's info panel before you join!

Trainer Tokens can be earned by playing against computer-controlled opponents in the Trainer Challenge, or against other players in ranked or tournament matches. Tournament Tickets can be earned via the game's Login Bonus, as a random reward at the conclusion of ranked or tournament matches, or through tournaments with a Trainer Token entry requirement.

Choose Your Format!

Tournaments are broken into four deck formats: Standard, Expanded, Unlimited, and Theme Deck. The first three formats follow the same deck construction rules used at live Play! Pokémon events. In the Theme Deck format, players must compete using a preconstructed theme deck.

  • Standard: Decks can contain cards from the Black & White—Boundaries Crossed expansion or later.

  • Expanded: Decks can contain cards from the Black & White expansion or later.

  • Unlimited: Decks can contain cards from any expansion available in the Pokémon TCG Online.

  • Theme Deck: Players can only use preconstructed theme decks.

Special Events

In addition to all the regular tournaments, look forward to fun special events where players can compete for cool and unique in-game rewards. Stay tuned to for more information on these special tournament events.

Ready to compete in tournaments? Download the Pokémon TCG Online application today!

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