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Pokémon TCG Online Rewards

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is an awesome way to play the Pokémon TCG against players around the world. There's much more to playing than simply the thrill of competition—you can earn great rewards and bonuses, too! Take a look at all of the opportunities for you to earn rewards and bonuses in the Pokémon TCG Online.

Single-Player Rewards

Code Cards

One of the best ways to add new cards to your Pokémon TCG Online collection begins before you even begin playing. Nearly every Pokémon TCG product you can buy in a store comes with a code card that unlocks in-game items like booster packs and promo cards. You don't have to choose whether to purchase physical cards or digital cards—with these code cards, you get both!

Daily Bonus

When you sign in to the Pokémon TCG Online, one of the first things you'll see is the Daily Bonus. Just click on the gift box every day to claim rewards including Trainer Tokens, Event Tickets, and booster packs. New players get even larger rewards during their first 3 days.

Daily Challenges

Players are offered one new Daily Challenge per day, each associated with a particular Energy type. Complete these challenges to earn rewards such as Trainer Tokens or booster packs and to gain experience for that challenge's Energy type. You can level up in an Energy type by completing these challenges, and when you do, you'll earn additional promo rewards such as Energy-specific coins, card sleeves, and deck boxes. When you first begin to play the Pokémon TCG Online, you can have only one Daily Challenge active at a time. As you advance in level, you can work on completing up to three Daily Challenges simultaneously.

Tutorial Rewards

If you are new to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the online tutorial is an awesome way to learn how to play. What's more, you can gain rewards to help kick-start your collection, including a new theme deck, 250 Trainer Tokens, a booster pack, and one rare and powerful card!

Trainer Challenge

In the Trainer Challenge, you'll play using theme decks against computer-controlled opponents in three different League Cup competitions. The Trainer Challenge offers players multiple levels of rewards, including:

  • Winning a match with a Basic theme deck unlocks a new card for the deck. There are 7 cards to unlock for each Basic deck.

  • Winning 12 matches with a Basic theme deck unlocks that deck for use in Versus Mode.

  • Winning 12 matches with another theme deck (one that can already be used in Versus Mode) earns you a booster pack.

  • Each of the 12 Trainers in the Trainer Challenge has a progress meter, measured in stars. When you play a match against that Trainer, the meter will fill up, and you'll receive Trainer Tokens based on your progress. When you hit four stars, you'll win a booster pack.

  • The first time you defeat all 12 Trainers in a League, you'll win booster packs!

Multiplayer Rewards

Versus Rewards

Each day, you can earn Daily Versus Rewards by defeating other Trainers in Versus Mode. These rewards include Trainer Tokens, Event Tickets, and Mystery Boxes. Play and win more battles, and you'll continue to get better rewards. These rewards reset daily.

You can also earn rewards from the Versus Ladder, where your performance is tracked over a longer stretch of time. Rewards for battling include Trainer Tokens, Event Tickets, reward chests, boosters, and cool single cards to add to your collection such as Pokémon-GX and full-art Supporter cards. The Versus Ladder starts over every three weeks, resetting the available rewards.

Tournament Rewards

You can enter 8-player single-elimination tournaments by redeeming Event Tickets. Tournaments can use theme decks or decks you've built. Each tournament offers the same rewards win or lose, including Trainer Tokens, booster packs, and Uncommon Chests. And you get to spin a Bonus Wheel after every match you play! Bonus Wheel rewards include Trainer Tokens, Event Tickets, Uncommon Chests, and the Mystery Box.

With so many ways to play and awesome rewards to earn, it's never been a better time to jump in and start playing the Pokémon TCG Online. Download and start playing today!

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