EX Ruby & Sapphire
EX Ruby & Sapphire

EX Ruby & Sapphire

Pokémon-e TCG: EX Ruby & Sapphire expands the decks previously collected by Pokémon fans, while bringing rookie trainers into an all-new exhilarating world of Pokémon.

EX Ruby & Sapphire comes packed with awesome features sure to excite Pokémon fans everywhere! This new collection contains 109 cards, new characters, brand new Poké-Powers and exciting new gameplay. No trainer should consider entering battle without this series. Any trainer who does will quickly learn why!

There are over 40 brand new Pokémon, such as Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic. As always, some Pokémon have more than one type of card, each with different illustrations and different moves. In addition, trainers are able catch the all new Pokémon-ex. These rare characters may be difficult to find but are well worth the search. The Pokémon-ex posses remarkable battle powers that add a new element to every trainer's deck.

The new series also introduces an all new way to play—two-on-two battles! Trainers can now call on two of their best Pokémon to battle two of their opponent's Pokémon in a mind-blowing winner take all battle. These new two-on-two battles will certainly be intense and are sure to raise the stakes in any battle arena.

Even more thrilling, many of these Pokémon-e TCG cards feature cutting-edge Dot Code Technology which makes them compatible with Nintendo's popular e-Reader accessory for the Game Boy Advance. When scanned through the e-Reader, certain cards reveal expanded Pokédex information which is extremely valuable for trainers looking for an edge.

On top of all of these great additions, EX Ruby & Sapphire is 100% compatible with previous Pokémon TCG sets. No matter what your strategy has been—basic, intermediate or advanced—your deck will benefit from the addition of these all-new Pokémon, techniques, and features. Pokémon-e TCG: EX Ruby & Sapphire is the next evolution in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and a must have for every Pokémon trainer!

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