Diamond & Pearl
Diamond & Pearl

Diamond & Pearl

Diamond & Pearl breaks out with new Pokémon, a new look, and completely new game mechanics. With all of the exciting changes, you can almost miss the introduction of ultimate versions of a Pokémon's training... Pokémon LV.X!

New Holographic Cards!
We witnessed a new change-up in game play when EX Ruby & Sapphire came out with Pokémon-ex cards, well, look out for Pokémon LV.X! These Pokémon are placed on top of their previous level—Empoleon (4/130) jumps up to Empoleon LV.X (120/130). Empoleon LV.X keeps all of Empoleon's attacks, and adds its own Poké-Power and another attack, giving it a range of tricks and tactics to win even more battles!

New Pokémon!
There's always new attacks to look forward to in every Pokémon TCG expansion, but this time it goes double—new attacks on new Pokémon! Infernape (5/130) is a fast, frolicking, Fire-type Pokémon—using quick attacks only needing one or two Energy, as well as a free retreat cost! Maybe you want a high-flyer, like Staraptor (16/130)... you can use its Brave Heart attack to do 100, and risk the damage to itself, or do a turn of preparation with Accelerative Dive, protecting itself from its own attack and attacks of the opponent's Pokémon for a turn.

A New Look!
The cards also gained a contemporary look, giving more room for bigger illustrations, extra Pokédex information, as well as including descriptions about the Pokémon from the video game. You'll also notice that Weakness and Resistance now have a specific value next to what the Pokémon is affected by. Now it's not just a question of if it has Weakness to another Pokémon, but also how much of a Weakness!

New Ideas!
Some basic rules were updated, adding extra layers of strategy to an already great game! First, the starting player now gets to draw a card on his or her first turn—but they can no longer player any Trainer cards, Stadium cards, or Supporter cards on that turn. Second, there are basic Energy versions for Darkness Energy and Metal Energy, making it much easier to play an all-Darkness deck. And finally, the Unown Pokémon return, with their Hidden Powers even better than before—and you can play 4 of each Unown.

Enjoy the next evolution in the Pokémon TCG!

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