Young Women of Pokémon Step into the Spotlight on Pokémon TV

March 24, 2023

Young Women of Pokémon Step into the Spotlight on Pokémon TV

From fierce battles to forever friendships, these characters make the Pokémon world shine.

The vast Pokémon world is filled with fascinating, fierce characters who are pursuing big dreams. And the young women of Pokémon are often leading the charge, like Misty, who is passionately devoted to Water-type Pokémon, and Serena, who leaves home without any real direction but becomes more confident over the course of her journey. Some—like May and Lillie—might even be a little afraid of Pokémon at the beginning of their adventure, but their courage and love of Pokémon develop along the way. These select episodes of Pokémon the Series highlight the triumphs, strength, and skills of the young women of Pokémon.

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