May 04, 2017

Worlds Qualifications Adjusted for 2017 Season

Championship Point awards and Worlds invitation thresholds have been adjusted for the 2017 Championship Series.

After a midseason review of the expected number of invitations to the 2017 Pokémon World Championships, we've decided to make some changes to allow more players to earn invitations to the big event. The changes are happening in two ways: lowering the invitation threshold in some regions (meaning players can qualify for Worlds with fewer Championship Points), and increasing the number of Championship Points awarded at some events.

Check out the updated qualifications table.

You can see all of the updated Championship Point tables here:

Pokémon TCG Championship Point Tables

Pokémon Video Game Championship Point Tables

The leaderboards are currently being updated to reflect the new Championship Point thresholds. They should be fully up to date within the next 72 hours. Remember, you can check your Championship Points total in your profile on

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing many great Pokémon TCG, video game, and Pokkén Tournament players in Anaheim, CA, at the Pokémon World Championships this August.

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