Welcoming Whole New Worlds on Pokémon TV

November 18, 2022

Welcoming Whole New Worlds on Pokémon TV

Experience the wonder of seeing each new region for the first time all over again through Ash’s eyes.

As Pokémon Trainers are poised to take their first thrilling journey into Paldea, it’s the perfect opportunity to reminisce about Ash’s first steps in different regions. From the thrill of encountering new Pokémon and taking on powerful Gym Leaders to the delight of making new friends, Ash and Pikachu are always excited to explore new lands. And even though each region is uniquely beautiful and has its own heroes, villains, and Champions, it’s nice to know that some things—like the bond between Ash and Pikachu and Team Rocket’s determination—stay the same.

Adventure over to Pokémon TV at watch.pokemon.com or via the Pokémon TV mobile app to share in Ash’s wonder at each new region.

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