November 13, 2020

Watch Electabuzz and Magmar in Pokémon the Series on Pokémon TV

Check out curated episodes featuring the two stars of Pokémon GO’s November double-header Community Days.

Pokémon GO is offering double the Community Day fun this November with two events featuring Electabuzz and Magmar. While Trainers will find more of these Pokémon in the wild, they'll also catch them in action on Pokémon TV for a limited time! Check out some of the Electric Pokémon's and Spitfire Pokémon's most memorable appearances in Pokémon the Series.

This set of episodes featuring Electabuzz and Magmar will be on Pokémon TV until November 25, so catch them while they're hot! Remember that you can watch Pokémon TV on or by using the Pokémon TV mobile app.

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