January 29, 2021

Valentines—or Make That “Palentines”—Bring Dawn & Alcremie and Serena & Whimsicott to Pokémon Masters EX

Scout these festive sync pairs and take part in a new story event during the Palentine’s Day celebration.

You've heard of Valentine's Day, but on the island of Pasio, there's a special event that celebrates friendship—Palentine's Day! From January 28, 2021, to February 18, 2021, you can experience Palentine's Day for yourself in Pokémon Masters EX. During this time, you can play through the Baking Buddies story event, which follows Serena and Dawn as they prepare some tasty treats for their friends. The battles you participate in throughout this story event will earn you rewards that can be exchanged for other useful items.

The two stars of this event will also be appearing in the sync pair scout wearing festive outfits. From January 28, 2021, to February 18, 2021, you'll find Serena (Palentine's 2021) & Whimsicott, and from January 31, 2021, to February 18, 2021, Dawn (Palentine's 2021) & Alcremie will be appearing.

Pokémon Masters EX is available to download now, so don't miss out on all the fun! For more details, be sure to visit the Pokémon Masters EX official site.

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