June 17, 2019

Try Out the Fun New Pokémon TCG Build & Battle Draft Format

Enjoy the thrill of drafting a winning deck with the new Pokémon TCG Build & Battle Draft format.

If you're looking for a fun way to play the Pokémon TCG, try out the exciting new Build & Battle Draft format. You'll start out using the same Build & Battle Boxes that are used at Prerelease events, which contain a 23-card Evolution pack and four booster packs. Each competitor keeps their own Evolution pack, but instead of making do with whatever they get in the booster packs, players will draft each pack instead, giving everyone a chance to build a more customized deck. Talk to your local Tournament Organizer and ask them about scheduling a Build & Battle Draft tournament soon!

Build & Battle Draft Basics

Here's how this new format works: Each player receives a Build & Battle Box from the Organizer at the beginning of the event. Players will then be split into groups of four and seated in a circle. After the Organizer gives a signal, each player opens their 23-card Evolution pack without revealing its contents to the other players. Players can take a few minutes to look through these cards, which can be used to build their deck later on, and then return them to the box.

Then, once everyone is ready, the Organizer will signal the players to open their first booster pack. Each player selects one card from the pack and puts it into their box, along with the Pokémon TCG Online code card and the basic Energy card. Players then pass the remaining cards from the booster pack, face down, to the person on their left. The cards selected by each player should remain private during the drafting process.

Each player continues to select one card from among the cards passed to them until all the cards have been selected. After all cards from a booster pack have been picked, players will have one minute to review the cards they have so far. This process repeats for each remaining booster pack, with the passing pattern alternating from left to right as each new pack is opened.

Deck Construction

After all the booster packs have been opened and all the cards have been selected, each player constructs a 40-card deck, using the cards they picked from the booster packs, their 23-card Evolution pack, and basic Energy cards provided by the Organizer. Players have 20 minutes to construct their decks. Players may not trade the cards they selected in the draft with other players until the tournament ends. The Organizer may require players to fill out deck lists, including the cards in their decks and any cards not being used.

After everyone's deck is completed, the matches begin. Games will be played with four Prize cards instead of the usual six. Once the first round of the tournament begins, players may not alter the contents of their decks.

Build & Battle Drafts are a fun way to play that tests your skill, challenges you to put together a cohesive deck, and gives you a chance to battle with some cards you might not normally get to use. This fun new format may even be used at Prerelease events for upcoming Pokémon TCG expansions, so be sure to find events near you using the Event Finder and get some games in soon. And remember to ask your local Tournament Organizer when the next Build & Battle Draft event will take place!

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