October 22, 2021

The Pokémon Center Shares Scary Stories Collection by Vic Lee

Collect prints, pins, apparel, and decor inspired by Ghost- and Dark-type Pokémon and their haunting backstories.

Just like some people, there are Pokémon that thrive in darkness. They consort with shadows, drifting at the whims of wind and fate, haunting everyone they encounter. These are the Pokémon that artist and storyteller Vic Lee chose to explore in the Scary Stories collection—available at Pokémon Center. Drawing inspiration from Dark- and Ghost-type Pokémon including Zorua, Mimikyu, Banette, Phantump, and Drifloon, Lee applied his elaborate black-and-white illustrative style to some of the scariest stories the Pokédex has to offer. The result is a collection of hauntingly cool apparel, decor so stylish it's scary, and accessories that are frightfully gorgeous.

The darkly beating heart of the Scary Stories collection is a series of five posters, each featuring a different Dark- or Ghost-type Pokémon. More specifically, Lee drew from each featured Pokémon's eerie, tragic, and mysterious Pokédex entries to create an image that's as haunting as the Pokémon that inspired it. Available individually or as a series, these posters make a bold decor statement for fans of Pokémon, Vic Lee, and Halloween.

The artwork from the posters is replicated and expanded upon in accessories including peculiar pins and appallingly appealing apparel to keep you warm and stylish on adventures through forbidden forests and haunted cemeteries. And if the posters are looking lonely, Scary Stories figures epitomize the theme of terrifying tales by capturing the Pokémon as they emerge from the storybooks that contain their tales. Freed from their hardcover confines, what mischief will they unleash? Bring home your favorite Scary Stories figure to find out.

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