March 10, 2017

The Next League Cup Season Begins

Play for prizes and Championship Points at a Pokémon TCG League Cup competition near you.

The first League Cup competitions of 2017 are getting started now, giving Pokémon TCG players more chances to earn Championship Points. Trainers can also earn prizes and other rewards, including special playmats and promo cards that you won't be able to earn anywhere else.

The current season will run from February to April, with a Best Finish Limit of 2 during this period, shared with League Challenge. League Cup events offer a higher level of competition than League Challenge events, and they award more Championship Points accordingly.

Tournament Organizers have received all their event materials for this season and are ready to host League Cup tournaments. If there isn't a League Cup at a retailer near you, be sure to attend Pokémon League and League Challenge events. More participation in Play! Pokémon events at your preferred location means they're more likely to host a League Cup in the future!

Find a League Cup event near you via the event locator. Good luck, Trainers!

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