July 18, 2019

The New Pokémon Masters Trailer Shows Co-op Play, New Characters, and More

See battle footage, learn about cooperative play, and meet some of the new characters you’ll encounter in the upcoming mobile game.

Get ready, Trainers! DeNA Co., Ltd., has just unveiled a new trailer showing off details of the upcoming game Pokémon Masters. Check out the video to see what's in store in this strategic battle game for compatible iOS and Android mobile devices this summer.

Take a peek at Pokémon Masters' 3-on-3, real-time battling system where Trainers team up with their partner Pokémon to form sync pairs that can unleash powerful sync moves. Hone your battle skills by joining forces with two other players for cooperative play against AI opponents. During these co-op battles, players can unleash a devastating unity attack that isn't available in the single-player mode.

After assembling your dream team, see which Trainers can also appear in a special outfit called a sygna suit. Trainers in sygna suits have a different partner Pokémon than when they're in their standard outfit.

In addition to all the familiar characters from throughout the history of Pokémon, Pokémon Masters also includes plenty of new original characters, including the mysterious Prince Lear, who created the Pokémon Masters League and built the artificial island of Pasio where the game takes place.

Enjoy the trailer and get ready to bond with other Pokémon Trainers like never before when Pokémon Masters is released later this summer!

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