November 07, 2019

Team GO Rocket Leaders, Giovanni, and a Legendary Shadow Pokémon Hit Pokémon GO

Track down and defeat these villains, and you’ll have a chance to take on the Team GO Rocket Boss and rescue his mysterious Shadow Pokémon.

There's big trouble in Pokémon GO as Team GO Rocket continues their nefarious schemes. Three of the villainous organization's leaders, Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo, can now be encountered by Trainers worldwide. These scoundrels have caught and strengthened new Shadow Pokémon, and their presence hints at an even bigger threat—the arrival of the Team Rocket Boss, Giovanni.

Players can now find the new Special Research, Looming in the Shadows, in which Professor Willow asks for your help in tracking down these Team GO Rocket Leaders. To do this, you'll need to recover six Mysterious Components that are being held by Team GO Rocket Grunts. Once you have them all, they can be used to create a Rocket Radar, which will reveal the PokéStops where the Team GO Rocket Leaders are hiding.

Approach the hideouts of Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo, and prepare for a challenge. Be sure to have your best Pokémon team ready to face these foes. Once you defeat them, you'll have the opportunity to rescue their Shadow Pokémon. You might even find that their Shadow Pokémon have special qualities.

Complete your research, and you will receive a Super Rocket Radar from Professor Willow. This ingenious device will help you locate Giovanni himself! But it won't be quite that easy—some Grunts will attempt to fool you and the Super Rocket Radar scanner by pretending to be Giovanni. Don't give up, though. If you manage to find and defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss, you may be able to rescue his Legendary Shadow Pokémon.

This new threat will certainly shake the world of Pokémon GO. But fortunately, courageous Trainers like you are out there, ready to help defeat Giovanni and his Team GO Rocket Leaders. Go show 'em what you're made of, Trainers!

Pokémon GO
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