Sports Take Over on Pokémon TV

September 30, 2022

Sports Take Over on Pokémon TV

Gain appreciation for the sports of Pokémon the Series with this collection featuring Pokémon Base, Pokémon Ping-Pong, and more!

Whether they’re in a battle or a sports competition, Pokémon and Trainers always come together for top results. In this collection of Pokémon the Series episodes, Pokémon and Trainers alike participate in sports competitions across various regions. Ash, Pikachu, and friends get into the action, too—watch as they swing for the fences and work up a sweat with their partner Pokémon!

Tune in over the next two weeks to check out all the Pokémon sports action on Pokémon TV at and on the Pokémon TV mobile app. Remember, the app is also available for Nintendo Switch!

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