Shiny Shadow Mewtwo Debuts in Shadow Raids

May 22, 2023

Shiny Shadow Mewtwo Debuts in Shadow Raids

Shadow Pokémon take over Gyms during Pokémon GO’s Rising Shadows event.

Just when you thought Shadow Pokémon couldn’t get any more intimidating! From May 22, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. to May 28, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. local time, Shadow Pokémon—including the legendary Shadow Mewtwo—will appear in Shadow Raids during Pokémon GO’s Rising Shadows event. And for the first time in Pokémon GO, Trainers may even encounter Shiny Shadow Mewtwo!

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Shadow Raids are different than other raids—and a whole lot tougher. Trainers must gather in person to challenge these exceptionally powerful Pokémon. There will be one-star, three-star, and five-star Shadow Raids; the three-star and five-star Shadow Raid Bosses will grow enraged during battle, which increases their Attack and Defense.

Fortunately, Trainers have a new tool to help them calm enraged Shadow Raid Bosses: Purified Gems. Throughout the event, Trainers can challenge Team GO Rocket members to obtain Shadow Shards, which can be turned into Purified Gems. Using a Purified Gem during a Shadow Raid Battle will temporarily lower the Attack and Defense of an enraged Shadow Raid Boss. Trainers in the raid can use as many Purified Gems as they want—the effects will stack, offering a significant advantage! Check out the Pokémon GO official site for more details.

Gather your friends, collect Shadow Shards, and get ready for tough battles!

Shadow Raid Pokémon

Throughout the event, the following Shadow Pokémon will appear in Shadow Raids. The Shadow Raid Bosses in italics have a chance of appearing as Shiny Pokémon!

  • One-Star Shadow Raids

    • Shadow Poliwag

    • Shadow Machop

    • Shadow Bellsprout

    • Shadow Beldum

  • Three-Star Shadow Raids

    • Shadow Bayleef

    • Shadow Quilava

    • Shadow Croconaw

    • Shadow Sneasel

  • Five-Star Shadow Raids

    • Shadow Mewtwo

Additionally, Trainers can enjoy bonuses during the event, including more frequent Team GO Rocket appearances. You can also complete Special Research to receive an incredible gift from Professor Willow—an item never seen before in Pokémon GO. Visit the Pokémon GO official site for more information about the Rising Shadows event.

Shine through the shadows, Trainers!

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