July 08, 2019

See the Newest A Day with Pikachu Funko Figure Coming to the Pokémon Center

Get a first look at the latest figure from Funko’s A Day with Pikachu collection, coming soon to the Pokémon Center.

As summer continues to heat up, Pikachu knows that a dip in a pool is a great way to stay cool. Splashing Away Summer is the latest figure in Funko's continuing A Day with Pikachu collection, and it features the lovable Pikachu in a somewhat precarious position as it tries to relax. Poor Pikachu is just trying to chill out on its Psyduck float toy, but an errant wave threatens to knock it into the water. Even Pikachu's cup of Fresh Water is about to topple! Harsh!

You can catch the wave yourself by adding this adorable figure to your collection. Just don't miss your chance to get one when it arrives at the Pokémon Center later this month. Subscribe to the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter to stay up to date and learn when the Splashing Away Summer figure will be available for purchase.

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