October 17, 2019

Scout Elesa & Zebstrika, and Join the Evolution Rally in Pokémon Masters

Meet the latest sync pair, tackle a new EX Challenge, and earn useful Evolution shards in a variety of exciting events.

October still has a few treats in store for Pokémon Masters players. Players can now scout the 5★ sync pair Elesa & Zebstrika. This Electric-type strike sync pair has high Speed and HP, and they will prove especially useful during the new Electric-type Training Event.

This training event presents you with two stages that boast increased XP for Electric-type sync pairs. There's also a co-op battle against the sync pair Siebold & Clawitzer, who just happen to be weak against Electric-type sync pairs. By defeating this duo, you'll earn vouchers that you'll be able to exchange for helpful items. Additional missions offer gems and vouchers for completing certain objectives. Look for the Electric-type Training Event tab that's been added to the Exchange Items menu.

You can continue to test your skills in the new EX Challenge against the sync pair Pryce & Dewgong. Winning this co-op battle might prove difficult, but you'll obtain valuable Electric-type gear when you do. Just remember that you'll need to clear Chapter 18's co-op battles on Hard to unlock EX Challenges.

If you've been itching to evolve some of your Pokémon, get ready for the Evolution Rally, where you can earn rewards via special events, missions, and log-in bonuses. These rewards can be used to enhance your sync pairs' strength and evolve your Pokémon. You'll find even more Evolution-based items in the Evolution Material Mining! event, in which you'll journey with Roark and smash rocks that are lying around the field. Inside the rocks, you'll uncover Evolution shards and other helpful items.

Pokémon Masters is available to download now, so have fun, Trainers! For more details, be sure to visit the Pokémon Masters official site.

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