March 16, 2020

Sabrina & Alakazam and the Second Battle Villa Challenge Come to Pokémon Masters

Add this Psychic-type sync pair to your team, and take on the second Battle Villa challenge and the Ghost-Type Training Event.

We predict some exciting Pokémon Masters battles coming your way with the arrival of the Psychic-type sync pair Sabrina & Alakazam, the second Battle Villa challenge, and the Ghost-Type Training Event.

Not only have Sabrina & Alakazam arrived on the island of Pasio, but their sync grid is already expanded. You can scout this 5★ sync pair and then try to earn sync orbs to make them even more powerful. You might find Sabrina & Alakazam to be helpful allies as you take on the second Battle Villa challenge, which has just begun.

The Ghost-Type Training Event has also started, which will help train up your Ghost-type sync pairs. If you have Acerola & Palossand on your team, this event arrives at the perfect time—Acerola & Palossand's sync grid is now expanded, allowing you to make them stronger than ever before. Ghost-type sync pairs can earn an incredible amount of XP during this training event, so it's a good opportunity to train up any Ghost-type sync pairs you want to bring into the Battle Villa.

Pokémon Masters is available to download now, so don't miss out on all the excitement! For more details, be sure to visit the Pokémon Masters official site.

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