Rocket into a New Wardrobe with Pokémon Center

July 03, 2024

Rocket into a New Wardrobe with Pokémon Center

Pokémon has an outfit for every adventure.

What would the Pokémon world be like without Ash Ketchum’s iconic hat or Team Rocket’s bold red “R” at the center of their wardrobe? Fashion plays a vital role in the Pokémon world, affording Pokémon Trainers, Gym Leaders, and villains an opportunity to express their vibrant personalities and even preference for certain types of Pokémon. Paldean Gym Leader Iono’s supercharged aesthetic hints at her appreciation for Electric-type Pokémon and love of being in the spotlight. Galarian Gym Leader Bea’s athletic attire is a shoutout to her tireless work ethic and the fact that she trains with Fighting-type Pokémon.

With the Pokémon Center’s vast collection of clothing and accessories, Pokémon fans can seize the spotlight and catch, train, battle, and slay in style. From the Team Rocket HQ Collection inspired by the world’s favorite villainous team to dynamic jerseys from the Pokémon Center × OMOCAT collaboration, there’s something for every Pokémon Trainer. Whether you’re looking for athleisure wear or ready for some vacation vibes with your favorite Pokémon at your side, the journey starts today.

Discover your new favorite outfit at the Pokémon Center.

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