Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Part 1 Recap Quiz

February 22, 2023

Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Part 1 Recap Quiz

From joining the circus to training with the Monarch, test your knowledge of Part 1.

Ash, Goh, and Chloe’s adventures continue with Part 2 of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, available on Netflix starting February 24, 2023. With plenty of battles, research, and training ahead, it might be a good idea to refresh your memories of Part 1 before diving into Part 2. Test your knowledge of major events, Pokémon, and Trainers featured in the first 12 episodes with this Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Part 1 recap and quiz.

Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Tally your points to see how well you did below.


In Episode 1 (“The Spectral Express!”), Ash and Goh are traveling to Stow-on-Side when they bump into one of Galar’s Gym Leaders. The Gym Leader drops their ticket, and Ash and Goh follow them onto a train filled with Ghost-type Pokémon. Ash touches a Spiritomb’s Odd Keystone and becomes possessed, but fortunately, our heroes are able to return the Pokémon’s wayward spirit. Ash and Goh arrive safely at their destination, but the Ghost Train and Gym Leader seem to have disappeared. Which Gym Leader did Ash and Goh bump into?


In Episode 2 (“The Winding Path to Greatness!”), Ash asks for Allister’s help getting his Gengar to Gigantamax. Gengar successfully Dynamaxes, but Allister says Gengar will need to eat Max Soup if it wants to Gigantamax. Ash, Goh, and Allister go in search of the special ingredient they need to make Max Soup. Later, after Gengar eats the Max Soup, it finally Gigantamaxes. What was the special ingredient in the Max Soup?


In Episode 3 (“It’s All in the Name!”), Vermilion City experiences a magnetic storm, and Magnemite around the city start behaving oddly. Professor Cerise’s assistant Ren analyzes his own Magnemite and realizes it’s receiving a strange transmission. While Ash, Goh, and Ren attempt to help the affected Magnemite, Ren tells Ash and Goh the story of how he met his Magnemite at a café where the Pokémon liked to eat electricity from the chandelier. Our heroes find out that a satellite damaged by the magnetic storm is the cause of the accidental transmission, and it’s making the Magnemite attempt to evolve en masse. Eventually, the Magnemite return to normal, and Ren, Ash, Goh, and Ren’s Magnemite return to Cerise Laboratory. Do you remember the nickname of Ren’s Magnemite?


In Episode 4 (“Suffering the Flings and Arrows!”), Ash and Goh return to Cerise Laboratory from a trip to Unova, and Goh introduces his new Lilligant to the rest of his Pokémon. Heracross seems especially enamored with Lilligant, which makes Pinsir upset. Chloe and Eevee plan to take a flower-arranging class, so Goh decides it’s the perfect opportunity to learn how to cheer Pinsir up. Unfortunately, Team Rocket decides the flower-arranging class is also the perfect opportunity to steal Pikachu. During the ensuing battle, Pinsir leaps in front of a Solar Beam from Lurantis to protect Heracross. Team Rocket is defeated, and Heracross and Pinsir are once again a happy couple. Which Gym Leader teaches the Pokémon flower-arranging class?


In Episode 5 (“The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky!”), Team Rocket becomes disgruntled with the Rocket Prize Master after it delivers two Pokémon who fail to battle Ash and Goh. The group decides to chase Pelipper to discover who is behind the machine, resulting in an adventure ranging from the middle of the ocean to a snowy village. Along the way, James decides to leave Team Rocket to stay behind and work at a café with Cassidy, and Meowth decides to remain with Butch and another Meowth who resembles Meowzie, his first love. As Jessie finds herself trapped in a sand pit with a menacing Trapinch, James and Meowth appear to save her. Unfortunately, they end up trapped as well, but Ash and Goh appear just in time to blast Team Rocket off to safety. Which two Pokémon did the Rocket Prize Master deliver that made Team Rocket so mad in the first place?


In Episode 6 (“Lighting the Way Home!”), Ash and Goh meet up with Ash’s Alolan friend Sophocles at the Mossdeep Space Center in Hoenn. Sophocles has borrowed Ampharos from his cousin Molayne, and the Pokémon has the important task of providing light for a research satellite’s return to the space center. Unfortunately, a mishap causes an important machine to malfunction, and Ampharos feels like a failure. But when the satellite goes off course later, Sophocles comes up with a plan for Ampharos to provide the light to help guide it home—with a little help from Pikachu, Togedemaru, and Raichu. After a successful mission, Sophocles’s dream of one day being an astronaut continues. What was the name of the research satellite the team was trying to retrieve?


In Episode 7 (“An Evolution in Taste!”), Ash and Goh return to Slowpoke Island, and Goh catches a Slowpoke, but soon the island shakes as another island bumps into it. A group of Galarian Slowpoke appear, and Ash and Goh learn that the Pokémon have spicy-tasting tails, while Slowpoke from Kanto have sweet-tasting tails. A Galarian Slowking then appears and uses Psychic to retrieve Galarica seeds as a gift for the Kantonian Slowpoke. When Ash and Goh decide to help, Galarian Slowking removes its Shellder, which ends up on Ash’s head and turns him into Galarian Ashking. A Slowking who evolved from a Kantonian Slowpoke then removes its Shellder, which lands on Goh’s head, and Galarian Ashking and Gohking have a rap battle debating the merits of two different types of food. Afterward, the two Shellder return to their respective Slowking, the different Slowpoke exchange gifts, and the island of Galarian Slowpoke drifts away. What were the two foods that Ash and Goh argued about in their rap battle?


In Episode 8 (“Out of Their Elements!”), Ash and Goh win a raffle to be guest performers in a Pokémon Circus. They meet two trapeze artists, Harmony and Billy, who perform with their Pokémon. Harmony plans to evolve her Eevee into a Flareon, and Billy wants to evolve his Eevee into a Jolteon, but they get into an argument and drop their Fire Stone and Thunder Stone, causing each Eevee to evolve into the wrong form. Harmony struggles to incorporate Jolteon into her Fire-type routine, and Billy struggles to work a Flareon into his Electric-type performance. Ash, Goh, and Chloe try to help the Trainers accept their Pokémon, while Ash and Goh refine their own performance. After a successful show that dazzles the audience, Harmony and Billy each give Chloe an Evolution stone as thanks for her help. What are the nicknames of Harmony and Billy’s Pokémon?


In Episode 9 (“Battling Turned Up to Eleven!”), Ash is scheduled for a World Coronation Series battle against Marnie in Wyndon, but Ash and Goh arrive in Spikemuth after being misled by Team Yell. Luckily, Marnie’s brother, Piers, offers to take Ash to Wyndon Stadium on his motorcycle. Despite Ash being late, Marnie refuses to accept a victory by default and waits for him to arrive. When Ash gets there, Marnie scolds Team Yell for lying to him. After an intense battle in which Marnie and Ash’s Pokémon both Gigantamax, Ash wins, rising to 15th in the World Coronation Series. Which Pokémon do Ash and Marnie battle with?


In Episode 10 (“Meeting Up with the Monarch!”), Ash learns that Leon is battling at Wyndon Stadium and rushes over to watch, while Goh waits at the Motostoke Riverbank. After the battle, Ash tells Leon that he’s ranked 15th in the World Coronation Series, and Leon invites Ash to join him for some special training. They plan to train near the sea, but due to Leon’s terrible sense of direction, they end up in the mountains instead. The pair ride Leon’s Charizard, enjoying their forest adventure. When two Corviknight begin attacking some Wooloo and Dreepy, Leon and Ash intervene. They discover a nest of Rookidee the Corviknight are trying to protect, and they manage to repair a Rookidee’s injured wing. When they decide to turn back to Wyndon, they get lost again. Who does Goh run into while waiting for Ash to return from his training with Leon?


In Episode 11 (“A One-Stick Wonder!”), Ash and Goh explore the Wild Area as Goh attempts to catch more Pokémon. They decide to make some food to lure wild Pokémon, and a Thwackey with only one stick appears. After a failed catch attempt, Goh and Ash make more food, and the Thwackey appears again, ultimately befriending Goh’s Grookey. Ash and Goh follow the Thwackey and discover a large troop of Thwackey led by a Rillaboom. They begin drumming, but the Thwackey with one stick is unable to keep up with its friends. Ash and Goh try to help it find a second stick, but Thwackey rejects them all, so they instead help it learn to drum faster with the stick it has. Thwackey joins the other Thwackey and Rillaboom for a drumming session, and this time it manages to keep up with the other Pokémon. What type of food do Ash and Goh use to lure wild Pokémon?


In Episode 12 (“Battling in the Freezing Raid!”), Goh receives his newest Project Mew trial mission—a Raid Battle against a certain Legendary Pokémon. Ash and Goh travel to the Seafoam Islands in Kanto to try to find the Pokémon. There they run into two other Project Mew challengers: Horace and Gary. As soon as they find the Legendary Pokémon, a drone from Project Mew appears to document the battle. The Trainers send out their Pokémon, and Goh becomes annoyed as Gary tells him what to do, but they eventually manage to work together. The Legendary Pokémon escapes, but Goh, Horace, and Gary each receive tokens for taking part in the mission. At the same time, Goh realizes he needs to work on his teamwork skills. Which Legendary Pokémon were the challengers tasked with battling?

How well do you know Part 1 of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series? Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Add up your points and see how you did in the chart below:

0–4 points: You’re battling in the Normal Class! If you want to advance, get some training in by heading over to Netflix to rewatch Part 1 before taking the quiz again.

5–7 points: You’ve reached the Great Class! You’re moving up in the ranks, but you’ve still got a ways to go. Brush up on Part 1 before trying again.

8–10: You’ve battled your way to the Ultra Class! You know a lot, but if you want to reach the top of the leaderboard, you’ve got some special training to do.

11–12 points: Congratulations on making it to the Master Class! You’ve mastered Part 1 of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series! Now it’s time to enjoy Part 2.

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