July 06, 2018

Pokémon GO Turns Two

Celebrate the second anniversary of Pokémon GO's epic launch.

Pokémon GO launched on July 6, 2016, and the world hasn't been the same since! Millions of Trainers have made Pokémon GO a global phenomenon, as they have explored, battled, and caught countless Pokémon on every corner of the Earth.

To celebrate the second anniversary, keep an eye out for a very special Pikachu in the wild—one wearing a hip Alolan straw hat and sunglasses. And over the next week, Pikachu will appear more frequently in the wild and Pichu will hatch from Eggs more often.

Also, take a look in the costume shop for a special Pikachu Fan costume. Each part of the costume is a separate item, and each will unlock based on your Pikachu Fan medal level. The higher the level, the more pieces of the costume that will be available for purchase to add to your wardrobe.

The Pokémon GO second anniversary celebration event runs through July 31, so be sure to look for the special Pikachu and check out the Pikachu Fan costume while you can.

There's a lot more fun on the way, including a special Celebi quest coming soon. Keep checking Pokemon.com for Pokémon GO event updates.

Enjoy the celebration of two years of Pokémon GO!

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