May 25, 2022

Pokémon Center Carries Poké Balls and Great Balls from The Wand Company

Live out your dreams as a Pokémon Trainer with touch sensitive Poké Balls that replicate the iconic experience of catching a Pokémon.

The ball's in your court with hand-finished replica Poké Balls and Great Balls now available at the Pokémon Center. Thoughtfully crafted by The Wand Company, each Poké Ball and Great Ball integrates stunning design and proximity-sensing technology for an interactive experience. While later iterations of the Poké Ball help heal Pokémon or catch a certain type of Pokémon more efficiently, there's no denying the iconic significance of the original red-and-white Poké Ball.

The button at the center of the Poké Ball lights up when it senses motion and glows stronger when touched. Press the button to trigger the light sequence and replicate the experience of catching your very own Pokémon; and double click the button to change the color from white to red to green.

And with a high-gloss lacquer finish and elegant metallic display case, your uniquely numbered Poké Ball is both a conversation piece and source of pride and delight.

Get the ball rolling with the next phase of your adventures as a Pokémon Trainer at the Pokémon Center.

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