October 14, 2021

Pokémon Center Audio Collaborations and Apparel Hit a High Note

Celebrate your love of Pokémon, thoughtful design, and music with sassy shirts, posters, and amazing audio products.

It's been an epic year for Pokémon fans who also rock a passion for music. From virtual concerts and music videos to a new album and numerous collaborations with musical artists celebrating 25 years of Pokémon, the entertainment has been nonstop. And the Pokémon Center is continuing the party with new products and collaborations designed to delight audiophiles. Brand collaborations with Grado Labs and U-Turn Audio as well as the Pokémon Greatest Hits collection offer both style and substance, with the first round of products now available through the Pokémon Center.

While the furiously fashionable shirts and positively posh posters aren't exclusively available to audiophiles, the rebellious aesthetic that inspired the designs is undeniably suited to rock concerts and mosh pits. Pairing powerful Pokémon with some of their most iconic moves, the shirts and posters offer a celebration of the Pokémon personalities fans have come to love—with a fun edge. Toxtricity's Eerie Impulse captures the electric charge shared by Pokémon battles and musical performances, while Lucario's Metal Claw is pitch-perfect for metal fans. Venusaur, Blastoise, Eevee, Snorlax, Dragonite, and Dragapult also showcase their unique personalities and mighty moves across T-shirts and posters.

What pairs perfectly with a rockin' Pokémon T-shirt? An easy-to-use turntable that captures the whimsy and wonder of the Pokémon world, of course! The Orbit Turntable, produced in a collaboration between U-Turn Audio and Pokémon Center, features Pikachu spinning merrily around the platter. And with a body made from low-resonance materials and a low-noise motor, your music will be as powerful as Blastoise's Hydro Pump.

If you happen to prefer a more personalized music experience, (possibly while listening to the recently released Pokémon 25: The Album) the right pair of headphones is an essential accessory. Pokémon Center collaborated with Grado Labs to produce wooden and metal headphones celebrating the spirit of Pokémon while enhancing the quality of your music. The housing of the wooden headphones is made from maple—chosen for its rich, tonal qualities—while the housing for the metal headphones brings a degree of precision to your music.

Check out the Pokémon Greatest Hits collection, Orbit Turntable from U-Turn Audio, and headphones from Grado Labs at the Pokémon Center.

Rock on, Pokémon fans!

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