Pokémon Café ReMix November 2022 Producer Letter

November 15, 2022

Pokémon Café ReMix November 2022 Producer Letter

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of this game’s major update with more new features and a Pokémon Café ReMix Festival event.

Last year, Pokémon Café ReMix received a major update that added loads of new features to this charming puzzle game. There were so many new additions, in fact, that the developers decided that they warranted a title change—the game’s original name was Pokémon Café Mix!

Now, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of these enhancements, even more new updates have been added, including an outfit grade feature and multiple changes to the game’s delivery feature. In addition, you can take part in the Pokémon Café ReMix Festival, which is comprised of many events, including a visit from a Legendary Pokémon who’s new to the café.

All the details are explained below in this special letter from the game’s producers. Read on to get all the latest information and have fun creating wonderful dishes for your Pokémon customers in Pokémon Café ReMix!

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of the major update with a festival and new features!

Thank you for playing Pokémon Café ReMix. Join us in celebrating the one-year anniversary of the major update! We can all celebrate this anniversary because of the support from players like you from around the world. We, the Development and Operations staff, would like to express our gratitude for your continued support. Thank you all very much!

We’ve added some features to coincide with the Pokémon Café Remix Festival. We hope you enjoy them!

The outfit grade feature is here, where you can increase your stats more powerfully each time you get the same outfit or Pokémon.

Also, by raising the outfit grade to a certain level, you can get new abilities, such as starting skill or gimmick score ++. You’ll get a boost to solve puzzles, so try it out!

◇ About outfit grades

The outfit grade will increase each time you get the same outfit or the same Pokémon and recruit it to your staff.

You can learn new abilities by increasing the outfit grade.

The outfit grade can be upgraded by four grades maximum.

◇ About outfit grade abilities

The new abilities that can be acquired by increasing the outfit grade can be powerful.

Here’s an introduction to some of them. 

  • Puzzle score up

    • The puzzle score will increase depending on the grade.

  • Starting skill

    • The café skill will appear at the beginning of the puzzle.

  • score +

    • If you clear the [gimmick icon] when playing the puzzles, you can earn lots of points.

      The score + gimmick will vary depending on the Pokémon.

To find out what abilities each Pokémon can acquire, please check the in-game Pokémon list.

◇ About main order updates. To focus on creating events and puzzles that allow various Pokémon to play an active role, we adjusted the frequency of the main order updates as follows.

  • Current frequency: 25 orders updated weekly

  • New frequency: 25 orders updated every other week

This ensures that you can enjoy various events and puzzles other than the main order.

Major changes have been made to the delivery feature!

Various tarts, kitchen notes, and outfit materials are no longer available with delivery. Instead, only Pokémon or outfits will appear!

You can obtain outfits and recruit Pokémon to your staff more easily than before. We hope you’re enjoying the new delivery feature!

Pokémon that are scheduled to visit the café from menu development also appear in deliveries, making it easier for you to increase the outfit grade. Also, some cookies that were only available from deliveries can now be obtained at the cookie shop, making it easier to raise the level cap.

◇ Details about the changes made to the delivery feature

  • Only Pokémon or outfits will appear in deliveries.

  • Outfit materials, which became an outfit by obtaining five pieces, no longer appear. Instead, outfits appear in deliveries.

  • Pokémon that are scheduled to visit the café in menu development will also appear in deliveries.

  • If you acquire the same Pokémon or outfit, the outfit grade will increase. You will no longer receive cookies when you acquire the same Pokémon or cookies.

  • If the outfit grade reaches the maximum and you acquire the same Pokémon or outfit, it will be converted to delivery points instead.

  • You can obtain the cookies of some Pokémon from the dedicated exchange shop.

  • Note that you will need milestone cookies for exchanging.

  • The outfit materials you own will be converted as follows:

    • If you have one outfit material → it will be converted to an outfit.

    • If you have two outfit materials → it will be converted to a grade one outfit.

    • If you have three outfit materials → it will be converted to a grade two outfit.

    • If you have four outfit materials → it will be converted to a grade three outfit.

    • If you have an outfit → it will be converted to a grade four outfit.

  • Various tarts and kitchen notes that used to appear in deliveries will be provided as rewards during some occasions, such as events.

You can enjoy the Pokémon Café ReMix Festival to celebrate our one-year anniversary of the major update!

The Pokémon Café ReMix Festival has started!

Many events are being held during the festival, and you can earn various rewards—such as log-in stamps where you can get an 11× express delivery ticket—or challenges where you can get up to 30,000 golden acorns!

A new Legendary Pokémon is also scheduled to visit the cafe!

Pokémon Café ReMix improvement and development is ongoing so that we can deliver an enjoyable café experience to all players. Thank you for supporting Pokémon Café ReMix.

— from the Development and Operations staff

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