August 19, 2020

Pokémon Café Mix Serves Up Something Sweet

A recent Pokémon Café Mix update expands gameplay opportunities with a new Pokémon, additional orders, and even more tasty dishes to serve your Pokémon customers.

Running the world's most popular Pokémon café might not be easy, but with adorable Pokémon employees and themed recipes to tempt even the pickiest customer, operating your café is the best job ever! And the latest Pokémon Café Mix update, now available for download, brings new challenges and opportunities for you and your Pokémon staff.

Solve new puzzles for the chance to earn acorns and expand your clientele with orders 251 to 300. We've added Wobbuffet as a new Pokémon customer with the chance to add it to your employee roster if it's impressed with your recipes and service. With new themed dishes, including Bouncy Brionne Soda and Pikachu Fruit Flan, Wobbuffet shouldn't require too much convincing. Earn useful rewards with a new limited-time Grookey challenge card. And, above all, don't forget to savor the sweet taste of victory with each new puzzle.

Download the update to expand your café's challenges and opportunities today!

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