Pokémon Action at the Origins Game Fair

May 10, 2019

Pokémon Action at the Origins Game Fair

Pokémon TCG and video game competitors can show off their skills at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

Pokémon Trainers can mark their calendars for the annual Origins Game Fair, held from June 12–16, 2019, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Look for the Pokémon booth in the fair’s gaming hall, which will feature activities for Pokémon Trading Card Game players and video game players alike.

Pokémon TCG fans can take part in a variety of events including a Build & Battle draft, Theme Deck Throwdowns, and TCG Cups and Challenges. Video game competitors can enjoy Premier Challenges, Midseason Showdowns, and a chance to earn badge cases from a Pokémon Professor.

The Origins Game Fair will also host the Origins Open for Pokémon TCG players. This Standard-format Special Event is open to all Origins Game Fair attendees, and top finishers will earn Championship Points toward an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships in August. Special Events such as this award Championship Points equivalent to those earned at a Regional Championships event. It’s a great way to put your deck to the test before the North America International Championships the following weekend!

Whether you’re competing in the Origins Open or just want to watch some of the best Pokémon TCG players around battle, the Origins Game Fair should prove exciting for everyone who swings by! Visit the Origins Game Fair official site for details and registration.

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