March 13, 2020

Play in Pokémon GO Battle League Season 1 from March 13 through April 30

Take on Trainers in head-to-head battles for bragging rights and great prizes.

The GO Battle League preseason has concluded and Season 1 has begun! Through April 30, battle against other Trainers in Pokémon GO to climb in rank throughout the inaugural season. Keep battling and winning to earn better prizes as you progress, including in-game items and even encounters with rare Pokémon.

As you battle, you'll be matched against other players of similar skill, making GO Battle League a fun experience for every Trainer. But be ready—as the season goes on, the GO Battle League will rotate from Great League to Ultra League to Master League, meaning you'll want to keep training more powerful Pokémon!

You'll get five matches each day in the GO Battle League. To keep battling, you'll need to walk three kilometers to unlock an additional five online matches. You can also use the Battle Now feature to spend PokéCoins to skip the walking requirement; the number of PokéCoins required goes down the closer you get to the three-kilometer goal.

Check out our GO Battle League primer for even more details on this fun new activity. And have fun climbing the ranks throughout GO Battle League Season 1 now through April 30.

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