July 27, 2020

New Pokémon TCG Raid Battles Let You Battle Big Boss Pokémon Together

Grab some friends and try a new way to play with your Pokémon TCG cards.

There's a new way to play the Pokémon TCG with your friends using the cards you already have. Pokémon TCG Raid Battle is a cooperative game where four players work together to take on a single powerful Boss Pokémon.

All you need to play are your own Pokémon cards (no Trainer or Energy cards needed!) and materials you can print out for free. Or, use the online Digital Raid Battle Assistant there to keep track of turns, damage, and effects without needing to print anything out.

Pokémon TCG Raid Battle is easy to learn and lots of fun to play! Get together your family or a few friends, plus a handful of Pokémon cards, and give it a try today. Get all the details, including printable materials and the Digital Raid Battle Assistant, at Pokemon.com/RaidBattle.

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