August 08, 2018

New Pokémon-GX Storm into Battle

Check out some of the powerful Pokémon-GX that you’ll be able to take control of in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm expansion.

Whether you're a casual collector or a hard-core competitor, there's no question that some of the most exciting cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game are the fabulous Pokémon-GX. Between their gorgeous artwork that extends behind the text box and their often disruptive GX attacks, these mighty cards are equally impressive on display or in battle. Let's look at some of the Pokémon-GX that you'll see in the Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm expansion.

Legendary Cards

Legendary Pokémon are popular subjects for Pokémon-GX cards, and Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm features a powerful pair that are sure to impress. Articuno and Rayquaza have both appeared as Pokémon-EX in the past, but now they are making their Pokémon-GX debut. Articuno-GX looks extremely intimidating as it swoops down with its mighty talons extended. And we can only guess what menace Rayquaza-GX faces as it prepares to unleash a powerful attack high above the clouds.

Alolan Adventures

The sunny, tropical Alola region is host to a wide variety of newly discovered Pokémon, and the Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm expansion does a fine job of representing some of these recent favorites as impressive Pokémon-GX. Palossand, which resembles an innocent sand castle, usually looks pretty harmless, but its fierce pose as Palossand-GX speaks to its true nature. The Alola region is also home to unique Alolan forms of previously discovered Pokémon, as we can see with Alolan Raticate-GX. And let's not forget that the Alola region is also where Ultra Wormholes were first discovered, leading the way for the appearance of fantastic Ultra Beasts like Stakataka-GX. This imposing card is sure to give your opponent pause.

Classic Pokémon Return

Those who have been Pokémon fans for a long time surely have fond memories of exploring the Kanto and Johto regions. The Pokémon that were originally discovered in those regions have earned a sort of “classic” status, and it's nice to see the Pokémon TCG pay homage to these venerable Pokémon with a selection of new Pokémon-GX. With a determined look in its eye and a huge grin, Electrode-GX looks ready to deliver a shocking attack. Contrast this expression with Mr. Mime-GX's blank stare. What power does this Pokémon hide behind its vacant eyes? But Scizor-GX isn't one to stifle its emotions—we can see its full power being unleashed in its dynamic display.

Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm
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