November 12, 2020

Nate & Braviary, Bianca & Musharna, and Time Trials Come to Pokémon Masters EX

Scout these sync pairs from the Unova region along with returning holiday favorites before challenging the new time trail event.

There's a flurry of activity happening in Pokémon Masters EX with the arrival of some new sync pairs, the return of a few familiar festive faces, and a brand-new game mode that will test your time management skills in the heat of battle. Kicking things off are two new Trainers from the Unova region. From November 11, 2020, to November 29, 2020, the Flying-type sync pair Nate & Braviary and the Psychic-type sync pair Bianca & Musharna will be available in the sync pair scout. Both of these 5★ sync pairs can be raised to 6★ EX.

From November 15, 2020, to November 29, 2020, you'll also have the chance to scout two sync pairs that briefly appeared in the game during last year's holiday season. Rosa & Delibird and Siebold & Octillery are both 5★ sync pairs, and this year, Rosa & Delibird can be raised to 6★ EX.

These new and returning sync pairs could serve you well in the new time trial event, which challenges players to win battles in the shortest time possible. The faster you complete these battles, the more points you'll earn, and you can exchange the points for a variety of useful rewards. You may need to rethink your current strategies to beat your opponents in the shortest time, so get your toughest sync pairs together, and prepare for some fast-paced fury.

Pokémon Masters EX is available to download now, so don't miss out on all the fun! For more details, be sure to visit the Pokémon Masters EX official site.

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