May 17, 2019

More Pokémon and New Features in Pokémon GO

As more Pokémon emerge, a powerful new move has been discovered and special Lure Modules bring unique ways to evolve Pokémon.

Pokémon GO players are about to discover that there's plenty of excitement in store as more Pokémon and new features have begun showing up in the game. As you encounter Pokémon in the wild or hatch Eggs, be on the lookout for more Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Sinnoh region, such as Cherubi, Gible, Hippopotas, and more.

In addition to the expanded Pokémon roster, some Pokémon can now learn the Ground-type Charged Attack Earth Power. This powerful move may lower your opponent's defense in Trainer Battles, and it's available to some of the newly introduced Pokémon, as well as to Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Aerodactyl, Camerupt, and Claydol.

Alluring New Items

New Pokémon and moves aren't the only surprises to be found in this latest update. Three new special Lure Modules are now available in the store, and they'll start showing up later this season as rewards for Special Research. These special Lure Modules attract local Pokémon as well as bonus Pokémon based on the type of lure.

Glacial Lure Modules attract certain Pokémon that love the cold, such as some Water- and Ice-type Pokémon; Mossy Lure Modules attract certain Pokémon that play in the leaves, such as some Bug-, Grass-, and Poison-type Pokémon; and Magnetic Lure Modules attract certain Pokémon with magnetic personalities, such as some Electric-, Steel-, and Rock-type Pokémon! Not only are these special Lure Modules useful for catching a greater variety of Pokémon—they can also be used to evolve certain Pokémon in new ways.

When Trainers are within range and can successfully spin a Photo Disc of a PokéStop that has been activated with a special Lure Module, it will enable an Evolution for Magneton, Eevee, and Nosepass. These special Evolutions will be confirmed in the Pokémon detail screen before you choose to evolve, just in case.

With so many fun added features, there are plenty of reasons to get out and explore. Have fun, Trainers!

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