Limited-Edition Pokémon × OREO Cookies Are Available to Preorder Now

September 08, 2021

Limited-Edition Pokémon × OREO Cookies Are Available to Preorder Now

Which Pokémon will you find inside your pack of delicious OREO cookies? Look for them in stores on September 13.

Get your cookie jars prepped, Trainers. Pokémon has teamed up with OREO to bring you new, limited-edition Pokémon × OREO cookie packs. Consisting of the same chocolate wafers with their rich creme filling that you know and love, these cookies feature embossed images of 16 popular Pokémon like Pikachu, Charmander, Pancham, Grookey, and more!

However, just like “real” Pokémon, some of these embossed cookies are going to be difficult to find. The Pokémon will appear randomly in each pack, so not every cookie pack is guaranteed to contain all 16 Pokémon. In fact, there’s one Mythical Pokémon that might prove especially elusive, so don’t be afraid to do a little bragging if you happen to discover it.

You can visit now to preorder these limited-edition Pokémon × OREO cookies, and they’ll be available at nationwide retailers starting September 13, 2021. These cookies are only available while supplies last, so don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy them. We hear they pair nicely with a tall, cool glass of Moomoo Milk—but if you can’t find any, a different milk or milk alternative will do.

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