May 06, 2021

Go on a Summer Adventure with the Latest Pokémon Season: Pokémon Master Journeys

Episodes of the latest season of Pokémon’s animated series will be available later this year.

Ash's journey across the vast, thrilling Pokémon world continues with a new season of Pokémon the Series kicking off later this summer. Pokémon Master Journeys will be the 24th season of the animated series where, alongside his partner Pikachu, the young Trainer continues his quest to become a Pokémon Master.

It's a big, big world, but you know where to find Ash and Goh—battling and catching Pokémon from Kanto to Galar! With Pikachu, Cinderace, and their other Pokémon beside them, our heroes continue to travel all over the world to research Pokémon for Cerise Laboratory. Along the way, Ash climbs higher in the World Coronation Series rankings, and Goh adds more Pokémon to his Pokédex in his quest to catch Mew. Meanwhile, Chloe takes her first steps as a Pokémon Trainer when she meets a mysterious Eevee. New friends, returning rivals, and exciting adventures await—as the journey continues!

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