March 15, 2019

Go Green During Equinox Week in Pokémon GO

Grass-type Pokémon take to the field to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Observing the change from winter to spring in the northern hemisphere, more Grass-type Pokémon will be popping up in your area as part of equinox week from March 19 to 26. At the same time, the chance to catch Solrock and Lunatone will swap in your region—if you could get Solrock previously, now Lunatone will start appearing (and vice versa). Additionally, certain Pokémon will be able to learn the move Acid Spray or Leaf Tornado, adding to the arsenal of some key Grass-type Pokémon. A new set of Field Research tasks featuring Grass-type Pokémon are on the way as well!

Bring on spring with equinox week from March 19 to 26 in Pokémon GO!

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