September 09, 2020

Gardevoir VMAX, Incineroar V, and More in Pokémon TCG: Champion’s Path

Check out some of the stunning and powerful cards in the most recent expansion.

The Pokémon TCG: Champion's Path expansion will be making its debut on September 25 with more than 70 new cards. Champion's Path boasts a diverse menagerie of powerful Pokémon that can withstand and deliver vigorous attacks, and Pokémon with unique Abilities that make for more interesting gameplay. Check out some of the cards that will be available when the Champion's Path expansion arrives!

Incineroar V

You can feel the heat emanating from the Incineroar V card illustrated by Kouki Saitou. The Fire-type Pokémon adopts an aggressive stance befitting the respectable 90 damage points dealt by its Grand Flame attack, and 220 damage points achieved by its Flare Blitzer attack. The unfortunate caveat to Flare Blitzer is that it also deals 30 damage to Incineroar, but with a respectable 220 HP, it can easily withstand the heat.

Gardevoir V

Gardevoir V might be a Basic Pokémon, but there's nothing Basic about this card's artwork. Illustrator Kagemaru Himeno captures the Psychic-type Pokémon's mystical qualities with colorful spirals of energy and power. Besides being a gorgeous card, Gardevoir V boasts a mighty 210 HP. And it doesn't hurt that Gardevoir's Swelling Pulse attack deals an additional 80 damage points if Gardevoir was healed during the same turn.

Gardevoir VMAX

Continuing the theme of wondrous beauty that packs a powerful punch, Gardevoir VMAX is packing an astounding 320 HP. 5ban Graphics depicted the Pokémon with its arms spread in a confident challenge and surrounded by vibrant psychic power. Gardevoir VMAX's Max Cure attack simultaneously deals 180 damage while healing 50 damage, making it a powerful card to carry into any match.

Lucario V

Aesthetically, Lucario V is a card that's difficult to ignore, placing the Fighting-type Pokémon aggressively in the foreground. Illustrator Akira Egawa excels at rendering seemingly minute details like the shading on Lucario's paw and fur on its torso, making the strike the Pokémon is about to deliver exceedingly lifelike. Always a reliable powerhouse when it comes to battles, Lucario V has 210 HP and its Beatdown Smash attack deals 180 damage.

Galarian Obstagoon

If there ever was an expert at power posing, its Galarian Obstagoon, as illustrated by Shin Nagasawa. With gleaming claws that would make any opponent think twice before challenging it, and a respectable 170 HP, Galarian Obstagoon brings a lot to any battle. Best of all, the Pokémon's Wicked Ruler Ability forces its opponent to eliminate cards until they're left with a hand of only four.

Be sure to look for these cards when the Pokémon TCG: Champion's Path expansion becomes available on September 25.

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