March 25, 2022

Cozy Up to Hisui Region Plush at the Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center offers up an adorable array of perfectly precious Pokémon plush from the Hisui region.

If you're looking for a buddy as you explore the vast and spectacular Hisui region, the Pokémon Center has you covered with playful Poké Plush and cuddly Comfy Friends Plush. Get a peek at iconic Pokémon first discovered in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, including Poké Plush Hisuian Growlithe, Basculegion, Wyrdeer, and Braviary. And you can also celebrate the stunning Sinnoh region with its first partner Pokémon as Comfy Friends Plush. Check out Chimchar, treat yourself to a Turtwig, pick up a Piplup, or try all three!

Ride on over to the Pokémon Center to check them out!

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