Changes to Play! Pokémon Travel Awards

October 14, 2019

Changes to Play! Pokémon Travel Awards

Players who qualify for Travel Awards will now be pre-paid for their travel expenses.

The 2020 Championship Series will see changes to how Travel Awards will be disbursed for the Latin America, Oceania, and Europe International Championships. Players who qualify will receive a flat Travel Award amount prior to the event. Players will now be fully responsible for booking their own hotel and travel. The amount is based on the age of the recipient, their region of residence, and the region of the event. The amounts are as follows:

Travel Award Amounts (pre-tax)

 Out of RegionIn Region
Age 18+$3,500.00$2,000.00
Under Age 18$5,000.00$2,500.00

Pokémon TCG and video game players in each rating zone can qualify for a Travel Award by finishing in the Top 4 in their age division. Players in Russia and South Africa are not eligible for Travel Awards via this process.

To ensure there are no delays in receiving Travel Awards, players should check to make sure the information on their Play! Pokémon accounts is accurate and up to date.

Players who finish 5th–16th in the Pokémon TCG, or 5th–8th in the VGC, are eligible to earn a $1,000 Travel Stipend, paid after the event.

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