February 06, 2019

Celebrate a Year of Pikachu with Funko

Pokémon Center and Funko team up to bring fans 12 new figures in the A Day with Pikachu collection.

Pokémon fans have a lot to get excited about in the coming months thanks to a special collaboration between Pokémon Center and the collectible-creating experts at Funko. February 13, 2019, will bring the launch of A Day with Pikachu, a new line of figures available at PokemonCenter.com. Then, each month for an entire year, a new themed figure will debut on the site. Each of the 12 figures celebrates the changing of the months and seasons with a unique scene featuring Pikachu. Look for the following figures throughout this year and into 2020:

  • A Day with Pikachu: One Lucky Day

  • A Day with Pikachu: Rainy Day Pokémon

  • A Day with Pikachu: Blooming Curiosity

  • A Day with Pikachu: Sweet Days Are Here

  • A Day with Pikachu: Sparking Up a Celebration

  • A Day with Pikachu: Splashing Away Summer

  • A Day with Pikachu: Charged Up for Game Day

  • A Day with Pikachu: Surprises to Fall For

  • A Day with Pikachu: Completely Thank-Full

  • A Day with Pikachu: A Cool New Friend

  • A Day with Pikachu: Ringing In the Fun

  • A Day with Pikachu: Surprising Weather Ahead

Stay tuned for updates on future releases, and be sure to visit PokemonCenter.com for more information about this exciting figure collection. And don't forget to sign up for email updates to get the latest scoop on the A Day with Pikachu line and other new releases at the Pokémon Center!

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