September 03, 2019

Celebi, New Summon Gears, Daily Stages, and More Come to Pokémon Rumble Rush

Discover Celebi, earn new Summon Gears, challenge special daily stages, and do so much more in this update to the mobile adventure.

Pokémon Rumble Rush, the rollicking Pokémon battling adventure, is receiving its first major update with both new features and improvements to existing features. Fans of Mythical Pokémon will be delighted to learn that Celebi will appear for the first time in the game. Likewise, Celebi's Summon Gear, Magical Leaf Gear, will be available as well. Another new Summon Gear, Muk's Sludge Gear, is also arriving.

You will now be able to challenge daily featured stages that are recommended by the Adventurers Club. If you're lucky, you may even be taken to a rare stage. There will also be other daily stages that can be accessed with Poké Diamonds.

In the game's shop, the Plenty of Pokémon Set will be updated with a new feature that will help boost your Pokémon team roster more quickly. Purchasing this set with real-world money earns you 400 Poké Diamonds and the three-day-long ability to befriend up to two additional Pokémon upon clearing a stage. The update guarantees that one of those two extra Pokémon will be the stage's boss!

Have fun trying out these new features as you explore the unknown islands of Pokémon Rumble Rush!

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